Pricing + Services


Stress Free options

As Easy As 1-2-3

1. Sign a contract

2. Turn over the keys 

3. Return to an empty house & a big check



simple, straightforard pricing

Tag Sales - We charge a simple percentage of sales that is set before the contract is signed.  There are no additional or hidden fees.  The commission structure is clearly communicated ahead of time and all sales are listed.

Buyout options

Partial or Complete — In some cases a buyout is the best and easiest option.  We can purchase a group of items or clean-out an entire property.

Start with a consultation

It is free — We will walk you through the process and customize the options and pricing that fit best. 

Earn $100 for a referral

Simple — We will pay you $100 for any referral that results in a tag sale. 


listing of sold Items

Complete itemized lists — Here is where we show our transparency, we deliver a complete list of sold items from the sale so you can take comfort in knowing exactly what went for how much

Sorting & Pricing

Sorting & Organizing — After you turn over the keys, we will sort, clean the items, and organize them to prepare for the sale

Display & Pricing — We do all the work to stage the sale, price the items, and market the sale to achieve maximum profit

Complete Clean-out available

Start to finish — This option will leave the property completely empty - nothing left for you to worry about.