Frequently Asked Questions


We understand parting with our belongings, or those of loved ones, can be very emotional, we are here to help make this journey more pleasant.

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WHy not an auction?

Auctions are great, don't get us wrong, we have many hours logged buying wholesale at auctions, but it can be very risky selling at auctions.  As we tell our kids, "you get what you get and you can't throw a fit".  In a sense, you are selling on the wholesale market to mostly dealers who then will resell at retail so items need to go for a very small fraction of their value.  Most of the time, your portion of the sale at a tag sale will exceed that of an auction and therefore overall we can get you more for your items even after our portion.  Remember, the more we get you, the more we get.

Why shouldn't I declutter first?

Or for that matter, why shouldn't I have a garage sale first so I don't have to split my profits from that with you?  Well, let's just say that while you may get $200 from that garage sale outright, you might let that weird little kitchen gadget Aunt Sue gave your mom for her birthday twenty years ago go for a dime when it is worth $500.  Often times, the things people think are worth the most are not, and a peculiar item ends up being the treasure.  We will save you the effort of the garage sale and your back and pocketbook will be better for it.

Can i be at my sale?

No, it is better for you if you are not there.  We have a lot of experience, so trust us when we hold firm here. First, it is a big decision to have a sale and it is much easier emotionally if you focus on the big picture, getting caught up in the sale of each item can be tough.  It also can be harder for customers to purchase if they think they are taking away your treasures.  There can be confusion with necessary negotiations as well.  Basically, we need some space to do what we do best, but we will tell you all about it and even give you an itemized list when it is over (Cathy is a meticulous book-keeper).

how long does it take?

It depends on the size of the sale or buyout.  For a buyout, we typically will take the items within a couple days.  For a tag sale, the set-up will take up to two weeks for a larger sale and the actual sale will last 2-3 days.  

How does the referral Program work?

Easy - refer a new client to us: they can mention your name, or you can call us with their info.  Then we will give you $100 when the referral results in a tag sale.

Who to trust?

We hate bringing it up, but truth be told, there are some shady characters out there.  We are from here, rooted here, members of the community.  We will treat you like family.  AND we will show you what we do.  We provide a detailed sheet of all the items sold to each client at each Tag Sale with the prices they sold for.  This, unfortunately, is the #1 place that you can get scammed in this industry.  When sold items are not clearly accounted for, often times the numbers are fudged, and not in your favor.

How do you decide what items are worth?

We have the expertise in the market value of most items and then we research any unusual items.  Our philosophy is to find the perfect balance to make sure the items do sell but to get the most for each item.

What if nobody comes to my sale?

We have a huge following on Facebook of frequent customers along with a great email list of customers who requested to be notified of all our sales.  We also have special customers who we know are looking for specific items so we connect when we come across those matches.  Rest assured we will have a great turnout.  We have the best marketing practices around.

do i have to get rid of the leftovers?

Nope, we can handle that for you - no extra charge.

how much of my stuff do you sell or buy?

We can take care of as much or as little of your stuff as you want.  We can buy a few items or we can get rid of it all for you and just hand you over a nice check.

What if i have an expensive SPECIALTY item?

For certain specialty items, we will opt not to put them into the general tag sale since we don't know if the right buyer will be there that day.  We utilize our other outlets to get the best prices for these items.